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Like many, many, families in America, we have struggled for years with alcohol addiction. With two alcoholic sisters that I’ve tried to support, encourage, threaten and demand sobriety from, the only thing I’ve learned for sure is that none of that works!  Our biggest challenge has been finding tools that support them in recovery. We want them to be responsible and accountable for the day to day actions that we know are necessary for staying sober: attending meetings, staying connected to family and friends, taking meds appropriately. And, we want assurance that they are doing these things without feeling as though we are nagging them.  The Recovery Point app is being developed to address my frustration with trying to be supportive to my family members during their recovery periods without constant phone calls and inquiries as to their compliance with meeting attendance and medication protocols. After my sister’s most recent rehab stint I asked if there were any sort of follow-up contacts or resources following release. Like most rehab facilities, this facility offered after-care but only if the resident stayed in the local area. Without any resources in the residents’ home town, there was little the facility could offer to support her in recovery. Since I live 2500 miles away, I can’t be there in person to monitor compliance regarding AA meeting attendance or medication. Accountability is really important to recovery and this app is an effort to help the addict not only stay accountable to family, friends or sponsors, but to do so in a way that is positive, private and convenient. I won’t have to call every day to see if they have attended a meeting or taken their meds, I can check the app. If they don’t stay current with status checks or med requirements, the app will notify me and I can check on them to see if there is a problem that we can address before it leads to relapse, instead of waiting for the relapse and asking why. The traditional models of rehabilitation from addiction don’t utilize modern technology to its fullest capabilities. The app, and this website, will provide updates on the latest approaches to addiction recovery, motivation, community support and more. Let us know what you think should be included. This site is for you, whether you are in recovery, a family member of a recovering addict, a friend or a sponsor-let us know how we can help you.

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