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    Storm damage to a roof can range from minor to extensive. Submitting a successful claim can be confusing. Most insurance companies require three estimates for repairs, pictures of the damage, and detailed reports to establish lesser repairs will not sufficiently repair the roof. Getting claims filed quickly and completely will expedite the approval of Arvada roof repair.

    Follow-Up Questions

    Minor claims are rarely disputed, especially if excellent pictures accompany the paperwork. Major repairs for Arvada Roofing damage may raise questions. It is understandable, but adds more stress to the situation for both residential and commercial building owners.

    residential metal roofing with roofing claims is available from most roofing companies.

    One company in the area started off as an insurance claims adjusting business before switching to a roofing and remodeling company. That fact is a definite advantage to owners who suffer storm damage to the roof. Experienced inspectors can accurately assess the roof for damage, and complete the paperwork in the exact manner insurance companies prefer. This is an advantage because major claims are seldom questioned, which expedites approval for the repairs.

    A New Roof

    If extensive damage results in the need for a new roof, it may be faster to get approval for reroofing instead of new installation using the traditional process. Traditionally, the old roof is torn off the building entirely. New insulation and waterproof materials are layers onto the building sub-roofing.
    metal roof panels is then placed onto the building. This process is labor intensive, expensive, and takes several days.

    Instead of removing the damaged roof, a new one is placed on top of it. New layers of insulation and waterproofing are still added, but are placed directly over the existing roof. The new roof gets installed on top of that. The cost is considerably less, and there are no fees incurred for disposal of old shingles. The best part is that owners can move back into the building sooner than if the traditional method is used.


    In order for the new method to be a viable option, there are a few requirements that have to be satisfied. Federal health and safety standards, as well as building codes in most states, prohibit a building from having more than two roofing layers. That means that if the building already has an original roof and a second one on top pf that, the roof must be replaced the slow and expensive way.

    The second requirement is that the building passes an assessment to indicate the roofing beams and joists are strong enough to safely handle the added weight of more layers and a second roof. Older buildings, for example, often do not meet this requirement because the process did not exist at the time of construction. The contractor will be able to ascertain whether a brand new roof is needed, or the less expensive option can be completed.

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