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    Our ministry is dedicated to aiding individuals in their walk with Jesus Christ. There is a great plan for you which God has. You have been given abilities coming from God to increase His kingdom and glorify Him in all your ways. There is a purpose for each church and also for each individual in which God witout a doubt knows and also achieves via Jesus.Our mission is to be an end-time church that is the same as the first church explained in the Book of Acts. We understand exactly how important it is to build up connections within the church body. We provide several different ways that help us to bring others into the church. Our own love for Jesus is evident in the way our Christian church is growing spiritually and in the number of our own members. We trust that Jesus will soon return to claim the type of church we have referred to.We pray that you will be illuminated simply by our mission and also purpose. We encourage you to join the family of believers and encourage you to embrace the vision we have. We would like you to definitely love Jesus and will certainly inspire through our own church to discover Him. We love assisting the poor, the sick, and the lost to find God and His love for all of them.Unity within our Christian church and the body of Christ is a mission we’re committed to in prayer and also worship. This is very important and we all encourage you to put it directly into your daily life just like we do on a daily basis. It needs to be a big part of who we are in our lives. You’ll feel an environment of the presence of God when you come to one of our worship services. We also like to create a better disciple of every person who connects to us within our quest.All of us help individuals become just who Jesus meant them to be through lessons as well as conferences and seminars on a regular basis. Our own youth ministry motivates those involved to generally be disciples and to be a powerful voice for Jesus. Additionally we work hard to help make family members robust in the Lord and in all that they do.Our support groups really encourage individuals concerned to share their encounters and also fellowship with one another. You’ll get to understand some other believers of like faith and church Bonita Springs expand in your knowledge and also comprehension of the Word of God. You are actually special in the eyes of God, but sometimes distressing events can persuade us that He does not understand or even really care what happens to all of us. We’ve got a distinctive ministry which concentrates on internal healing and we wish to offer it for you whenever you need it. Our Lord has endowed us with a number of ministries that you can get associated with to bolster your faith. You can be hands and feet of Jesus Christ to the hurting and the lost.

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