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    Dino’s Kelulut Trigona Honey is a rare and outstanding model from Malaysia, harvested from the stingless Trigona Thorasica and Trigona Itama species of bees. The stingless character and relatively smaller dimensions of these species make them fairly less complicated to manage than their sting Apis Dorsata counterpart. But that’s not all there is to these species. Their many overall health positive aspects, nutrient-rich constituent, and extremely high antibacterial resistance are other qualities that distinguish these species from the other people.

    Trigona bees are capable to take up flower nectar from the deepest areas of the blossom which also has richer concentrations of the plants’ vitamins and minerals. As a consequence, their item, the sweet-sour, fruity-scented Kelulut honey, consists of a lot far more nutritional vitamins, minerals, and medicinal homes than the Apis species. An case in point is the high propolis content material of Kelulut that contributes to the clean operating of the human body’s fix programs.

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    It might also interest you that most Kelulut species normally make their nests in hollow tree stumps or tree branches. And the large propolis material honey that they make is a combination of their saliva and the foods numerous substances they have ingested these kinds of as bouquets, pollens, bark, and tree shoots. The propolis also serves as the germicidal agent that will help to keep the young bees, cocoons, and nests sterile, and free from any achievable illness infestation.

    The Propolis, by extension, therefore has a lot of overall health positive aspects that are useful to male. It is made up of sixteen Amino Acids, Glucose, Natural vitamins A, B, C, D and E, Bioflavonoids and Minerals, which is no surprise that Dino’s Kelulut Trigona Honey will provide a wide spectrum of overall health positive aspects to any person who takes it including the strengthening and nourishment of the immune system. That’s why generating it a need to-have in each residence!

    About Us

    We imagine that the ideal way to cultivate a lengthy-term relationship with you and other clients is by supplying the very best product or support available which is why we focus in the harvesting and income of Quality Trigona Honey from Malaysia at affordable rates.

    The large cost of harvesting and its minimal creation, notwithstanding, Dino’s Kelulut Trigona Honey is pure and unmixed with any other kind of honey solution. So you can usually buy with confidence!

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